Saturday, June 30, 2012

American Pride

In the spirit of Fourth Of July...
 I wanted to share with everyone a way to wear our countries 'colors' 
without feeling like a American flag. 

First off, if you are going to wear red and blue.. don't wear white. 

Secondly add in a non patriotic color. Today - I chose brown :)

Sleeveless Blouse: $5 at Curio
I got it for free because I had store credit! Woohoo! 

Navy Skirt: $4 at Goodwill 
Also used here

Belt: $1 at Valley Care Thrift Store
I use this belt ALL the time. It's like the perfect 'grab and go' waist belt!

Shoes: $45 (originally $100) TJ Maxx
also worn herehere and here

I love this outfit because although it is a bold red and blue, I can wear it without feeling ridiculous. Because lets be honest.. only Katy Perry can pull of a actual american flag outfit.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Thrifty Finds

So usually I only go to Goodwill when they are having a 50% off sale.
 (yes I am THAT cheap) 

BUT the other day was a exception.. due to the fact that well I was bored and felt like getting clothes.
 Judge all you want :D

So I go this haul for $53 (I also bought a movie and a brotank...) 

So if you do Kayla's Shopping Math

$53 / 13 Items = $4 per item! 

If I had bought all this on a sale day... My total would have been around $23 and $1.79 per item. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Zig Zag Pop

Hello beauties :) 

These pictures were actually taken in December believe it or not

Extreme Close Up :)

When I originally found this dress it was a little too long and a wee bit big but the price tag was just right! So I snatched up this vintage find by All That Jazz from my local Goodwill.

I found the adorable blue Rocket Dog shoes at a Goodwill during one of my trips to Texas! 

I absolutely love the texture and patterns that this outfit brings, it is so fun and makes me feel like a rule breaker.

Dress: $7 All That Jazz @ Goodwill
Shoes: $9 Rocket Dog @ Goodwill

Thursday, June 7, 2012

All The Blues

I usually gravitate towards more fall colors but as of late I am ALL about color! 

I chose to wear two blues (so out of my comfort zone) & pair it with a bold snakeskin red purse. 

This extremely colorful outfit was paired with my favorite TJ Maxx find, my nude Adrienne Vittadini heels!

Pastel Shirt: $3 Valley Care Thrift Store
(this is actually a staple item in my closet right now)

Navy Skirt: $4 Goodwill

Red Snakeskin Clutch: ~$3 at Curio 
I got it for free because I had store credit!

Shoes: $45 (originally $100) TJ Maxx
also worn here and here

Monday, June 4, 2012

Oh Joe!

I went into our goodwill today to introduce the wonderful world of thrifting to my friend Tiffany (she wanted some high waisted shorts). 

I came across these Joe's!!! 
I was devastated when they were a little to big on me but wow what a great purchase someone will be making soon. 

That is what I love about thrift stores, they are full of treasures! You can find quality clothing for such a discount! 

It takes a little hunting but nothing comes easy in life right?