Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bandeau - Appropriate or not?

So in the past few years Bandeau's have become more and more popular in fashion. 

I remember my mom bought me my first bandeau like 5 years ago (before they were popular) from this really random store and I remember saying "Mom. That is so weird, why wouldn't I just wear a cami?" 

I live to bite my tongue on that one. It came in handy so often even before it was 'trending'. 

It was great when I wanted to cover up but was already wearing a strappy tee or a strapless top. 

Now Bandaus are worn under sheer shirts, high waisted shorts, high waisted skirt, even as bathing suit tops!

Top: $19 Riverisland
Skirt: $74 GeneralPants
Flats: $14 Myhotshoes 

So I came across a super cute bathing suit top that is originally from Target but I found it at my local thrift store (tags still attached) for $2 (originally 17). 

It was a L but I am one to never shy away from what the size label says so I tried it on. 

It was super cute and gave great coverage -- if you know what I mean ;)

So here is my question to you all. Is it okay to wear this bathing suit top with a high skirt and a cardigan or is it inappropriate?

Apologies for low quality picture taking abilities. My macbook can only do so much!

I personally think it is 100% okay but then again I wear a lot of things that most people probably wouldn't imagine wearing even in a dream. 

It almost is like a 'bustier' top -- which by the way are SO IN right now.

So what are your thoughts, yes or no? If yes, what kind of settings would make it appropriate/inappropriate

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