Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lucky Little Lady

The weather has been absolutely fantastic lately!
Cool mornings, Toasty Afternoons and Warm nights :) 
My Favorite!

I think out of every backdrop I have used.. this one is my favorite! 
It is in our downtown and it is just... perfect. 
I love the color of the bricks and the lighting and just everything all together :)

I was feeling a lot better this week so I actually got ready! 
Don't think I forgot about Here and Wow -- My health is my main focus right now... I guess you could say its my Here and Now.. (Get it??)

So in todays outfit I am wearing a A-Line Shirt from Cotton On  for $10
(Love this store! It is so affordable and adorable!!)
A cute cream and orange purse -- I wish I could say where this is from but I can't!
I have no idea! It was a free purse with a purchase of make-up but I cannot remember what one and there is no label on it!
 (AHEM, terrible marketing strategy -- If you are going to make a amazing bag put your information on it so I can purchase more from you!!)
My skirt is a somewhat DIY- I got it from a local thrift store for around $5 and cut off around 4ish inches :) 
My belt is from JCPenny it came with a blouse I bought a few years back. I actually ended up never wearing the shirt but I ALWAYS use the belt.
  Some people mistake it for a weight lifting belt... I keep that in my car though ;)
I like to call my footwear Horse Shoes because the U cut and the buckle just always remind me of horse back riding. 

I got them from Savers for $8 -- They are originally from Lucky!

I guess I just got LUCKY with that find ;)

I also bought the awesome tribal necklace at Savers for $5!! 
It makes me feel like a warlord in the native lands.

Until next time (which will hopefully be sooner than later)


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