Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dress for Four

So last weekend my mother came to visit and we spent the weekend in Los Angeles. 

What did we do you ask?

I made a list of some Thrift Stores all located near each other in LA and we spent hours looking through the racks! (so much fun)

This blue dress (originally from Forever 21) cost me $4!

I absolutely loved the fabric used and the color! 
Im still in shock that it was only $4!

We found such a awesome hotel in Los Angeles!
It was so beautiful, I wanted to make it my apartment, the decor was absolutely stunning!

 The first night we experienced a luxurious dinner at Flemings.
1. The service was fantastic
2. They had a GF menu (yayyayayya!)
3. Their 'small platters' are definitely enough food for one person

4. This was a 'virgin' drink. 

It was such a great day/night spent with my momma :)

Thrifting for the Win! 

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  1. Never had so much fun shopping--2 days! love you, Sweet One. hugs


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