Monday, March 5, 2012

{Men} It's all in the eyes

First Monday of March = Men's Wear Monday!

As the sun starts to make its way back into existence I have heard eavesdropped some conversations take place regarding men and sunglasses, or any glasses for that matter. 

Some say it is not okay to wear sunglasses, especially if they are high quality
(concerns about looking cocky/stupid) 
Others realize the sun is bright.. and decide 'I will wear the sunglasses no matter the cost or what they look like.' 

So lets start out with dos and don'ts
(sorry if I trash your favorite pair)


1.Everyday Wear Glasses
It probably helps that this man is de-lic-ious  attractive. 
But splurge on a good pair of glasses if you don't have 20/20. 
If you are a 'hipster' just go buy a clear pair for cheap somewhere. 

Some frame shapes will not look good on your face. I know Ray-bans are in right now, but if they don't look good on you it is a waste! Keep trying on pairs until you find the best. 
(ask girls in the store what they think; you may get a date out of it)

2. Normal Black/Brown Sunglasses 
Find what color looks best on you, there are browns, blacks, silver, tan, multi-safari, and the list goes on. 

Places to buy/consider for sunglasses that won't break the bank:
Warby Parker (both optical and sun wear)

If you already know what looks great check out eBay!


1. Polarized/Colored Lens Sunglasses
These just creep me out, in the sun I can't tell where you are looking. 
They also just don't look good. 
So therefore, you should not wear them. :)

2. White Rimmed Sunglasses

These just look super tacky to me; unless you are Willy Wonka (and even then...) you should not be wearing white rimmed sunglasses. They scream cheap! 

So fellas:
I would say, wear your accessories with pride. If the sun is out I guarantee you will look 100% better with sunglasses than squinting without.... especially if you run into a tree. 

Ladies: I would say stick to these tips as well. 
Women are a lot more open to wearing eyewear. 
You can either go sexy  sophisticated librarian or beach babe.

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