Thursday, March 22, 2012

Little Miss Katniss

Today I brought out my inner 'Katniss' and this is what I would wear to 'Reaping Day'


I was feeling a lot better today and wanted to take advantage of that so here is a post!
(Like I said last post, I will usually only do posts Mondays or Wednesdays)

Today is special!
1. I feel pretty good (which is a first for a while)
2. The Hunger Games comes out tonight!

Skirt: vintage $1.50 (Thrifted @ Savers)
Olive Tank: randomly appeared in my closet a year ago (Forever 21)

Of course I wore a Olive Green Tank to represent Katniss, since she ROCKS that color throughout the novels. 

Shoes: My Roommates (Target Mossimo)

When I read The Hunger Games I imagined this soft lighting a eerie fairytale of horror type look during 'Reaping Day'

Necklaces: Forever 21 & Nordstrom

Katniss had a braid, but I opted for 3 bun twists!

Thank you all for being so understanding as I deal with my health!

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