Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Grand Geometric

Happy Easter everyone!!

I hope all of your Easters were full of joy, happiness, grateful hearts and family!

Today's dress was found at a garage sale!

DRESS BRAND: L.A.M.B by Gwen Stefani 
(most of her dresses are over $100 originally!)

What I paid: $4
(they were asking $5 but I am cheap and haggled a bit)

I loved the geometric shapes at the bottom of the dress, it added so much pizzaz and character to the piece. 

In the spirit of Easter, it reminded me of when you dye Easter eggs and then they crack!

Shoes: (roommates) from Target

Fun Story:
So, I was originally driving around looking for a thrift store I had heard good reviews on. Hunting for '11th Street.'
 As we came up to '11th Street' at the correct street number.... there was no thrift store.... BUT A GARAGE SALE!
(how random right?)

Here was the catch: We were in a somewhat questionable area.

-Special Thanks to my lovely photography Arlina Rose-

I decided to take the risk. 
-complete daredevil-
I found this dress and 2 other great items for under $10!

So what happened to the thrift store? 
Well me being the complete genius that I am didn't pay attention to the cities
 and just assumed it was the city of my current location. 

-ashamed of ignorance- 

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  1. omg, i love the dress!

    x jasmine


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