Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A-maize-ing Find

Came across a treasure trove of goodies today - Free Giveaway Pile

What a dream!!

I scored with:
a few dresses,
a couple sleeveless tops
and two button up dress shirts!

Maize Yellow Dress - Free!! Found in giveaway pile :)
Vest- (Roommates-Thrifted) Wore it on the plane, so I had it with me

 Shoes - Carlos Santana (clearance @ Macy's - Packed w/ me)

Today is my last day in Texas :(
I get to fly home for a few days -- which means the ability to go to 12 more thrift stores!!

Tomorrow I have a few more things from my trip in Texas I want to share... 

Little Hint:
-Bed & Breakfast

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  1. Wow, a free giveaway pile? Sounds amazing. You look so cute :)



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