Thursday, April 12, 2012


I am finally home sweet home and looking forward to the 15 thrift stores my town has to offer. 

To start off this amazing trip home I just got notified that I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Awards by Vicky from

Thank you so much, I feel so honored and I am smiling like a school girl!

The VB Awards ask that I share 7 Fun Facts about myself 
as well as provide a list of 15 wonderful blogs that I swoon over.

Kayla Facts-O-Fun:
1. I think the prices at Goodwill are horribly expensive
 and only go when there are sales. 

2. I have a strange obsession with carrots
 and eat probably an entire bag every day. 

3. I have Celiac Disease 
(apparently Miley Cyrus does too - anyone else read the yahoo article on it?)

4. I absolutely HATE shopping for jeans & shorts

5. I am a somewhat fitness junkie and love working out and eating clean

6. I love Jesus Christ

7. I used to want to be a Pastry Chef -- Oh the irony.

Swoon Worthy Blogs
(the first 11 will be fashion, last 5 will be random assortment)
I couldn't pick just 15!

New Dress a Day
I probably owe all of my 'blog' success to this girl. She got me hooked on thrift shopping and showing that you can still look great without breaking the bank. Constantly wowing me with new creations, I will always love this blog.

Lovely fashion, DIY, baking, craft, funky blog of LIFE! 
I aspire to be like her.

Olivia has captured the perfect way to wear feminine, lacy, and high heels

Francesca is a fellow budget friendly fashionista!
I know her personally and she is great with DIY & Fashion projects!

Sea. Of. Shoes -- need I say more?

This blog is where I drool over $400 clothing delicacies. 
Kelly Framel provides a blog that is like
 flipping through a gorgeous magazine of fashion wonder. 

Krystal shows how to do fierce, untraditional business wear. 
She also puts together everyday outfits that are fantastic!

Jade is a sewing goddess! 
She sews a lot of her clothes and they always look stunning and flawless

Beautiful outfit updates 
that make me wish I didn't hate spending a lot of money.
Always providing inspiration to fellow fashion fans.

With home, how to's, fashion and DIY what else could you want?
Such a deliciously perfect blog.

Beautiful outfits always

Becca is an amazing inspiration for working out and lifting!

This girl knows her stuff! 
She makes awesome vegan recipe's and is a health enthusiast!
She also takes awesome pics of her meals that look pro.

Delicious, healthy, and amazing recipes

If you have any food allergies or food specifications, this lady has a recipe for you that you are going to love.

Delicious recipes that feed the soul, and don't fight the pant size

I was so shocked when I found out I had been nominated, and it honestly meant the world and a half to me. 
So many of these blogs are immensely successful and I look up to each individual blogger for inspiration and motivation. 
Through fashion and fitness these blogs provide a great encyclopedia for all of my inquiries. 

Rules When Awarded (if you want to):
1. Thank award-giver & link to them in post
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs you enjoy
4. Contact the bloggers and let them know about the award.

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  1. Hi Kayla, thank you for mentioning me :) I'm so happy to hear you like my blog and that it's helping with your celiac journey! (I hate shopping for jeans, too!)


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