Friday, December 30, 2011

Adult Dress Up

2. Mid Brown Grecian Ruch Dress $50 (orig. 70)
3. Gold Hanky Hem Chiffon Dress $35 (orig. 95)
5. Skor Pa Nätet £399
  (made that last name up.. because it didn't have one & those shoes are expensive, but they are gorgeous *they better be super comfortable!)

I went on Polyvore today to put these "New Years" outfits together. I think that all three would complement any skin tone, and compliment almost every body type. The cinched waist will give every body type a more hourglass figure and the fabrics used are very elegant and classy and fun (so they are nice for any New Years Extravaganza you decide to attend.) Another perk of the waist lines is they will not show how much you have eaten and so you don't have to pull on those Spanx if you don't want to!

Tomorrow I will be probably sporting something that looks somewhat like #1 but mine is a darker; sort of a ashy blue. Another switch would be instead of wearing #4 shoes with my '#1 look-a-like' I will be sporting these:

( More details on these 'Pumpies' tomorrow)

Get some beauty rest, you all have fun nights ahead of you!

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