Thursday, December 29, 2011


Lately, I have been obsessed with lipstick! I think it adds the extra 'umph' to outfits! 

Today I wore: Artistry 'French Beige'
I absolutely love it! It is a wee bit darker than my lip color and it just evens the shade of my lips. 

I absolutely love Artistry lipsticks, they are great quality and last a long time! I probably own around 10 different shades. 

Sheer Jacket:  My mom's old night robe    Orange Coral Shirt: H&M 
Belt: JCPenny    Necklace: Forever 21 (it has a pearl design on it but I flipped it because I preferred a solid leaf look.)

Tips for applying lipstick:
  1. Get a toothbrush damp (not a rough brush something softer) and rub on lips to take off dead skin
  2. Dab on a primer -- I have been using a sample size of La Base by Lancome, and it is great! (also great for eyes)
  3. Apply a chap stick, this keeps your lips from getting dry and your lipstick from getting flaky (I just use whatever chap stick there is around me at the moment)
  4. Use a color that matches your skin, I will do a post on how to figure out your shades later!
  5. Sometimes my lipsticks are very 'wet' I guess one could say, so they leave marks every wear! I don't want my lips to be my 'signature' on every glass I ever sip out of so I use a invisible powder. It is a white powder that I dab on with a foundation pad and it helps set the color on my lips and gives it a more matte look.It also prevents from those horrid moments when your lipstick decides that it would rather be on your teeth than your lips.  I use HD Finishing Powder; a little goes a long way. 
  6. After this, don't forget to pack  your lip balm, lipstick, and powder with you for reapplication :) 
  7. Smile big and proud!

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