Friday, December 23, 2011

San Francisco Bound!

Went to the City (San Francisco) and layered up to be prepared for whatever the weather had in store for me.
This entire outfit was thrifted, but my 'purse' is actually a vintage jewelry bag!
I used each zipper pocket to separate gift cards, coupons, cash, and my credit cards.
(I felt like a genius for using this as a organization technique)

I took additional photos inside of my house because outside the colors didn't 'pop' in the outside pictures as much as I had hoped! I used two scarves to do this look and I will definitely be doing it more often.
(I had people stopping me in the mall asking me how I did it!!!)

I used a large square scarf (the green one) and a long rectangle skinny scarf (the orange one.)

Tomorrow I am meeting up with Clay Kerri for a photo shoot!

So with that being said:
~Professional Outfit Shots Coming Soon!~

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