Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Found Zara!

So, I have been a little under the weather lately so I have been spending my time doing crafts and sewing.
(I sewed a skirt today that will make its way into one of my outfits in the next week.)

But until then, I wanted to share a cool find that I came across in one of our local thrift stores.

The vest is Zara, and the skirt is.. well the brand of that was unimportant to me at the time.

If they had fit me I would have purchased this outfit and worn it on the spot with some great brown wedges.
{ These shoes can be found here, here and here }
But the skirt (that I would have worn as a dress, belted) did not fit around my rib cage
and the vest was too large to handle on me. *tear*

I still somewhat regret not buying it just because it was a great find; when I go back next week if it's there I will probably get it.

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