Friday, December 16, 2011

Scarves {Head scarves that is}

Browsing through magazines, fashion websites, and even pintrest I have come to the assumption that head scarves are the new hat. Me being a hat enthusiast, I decided to try the distant cousin.

I saw this which is a little more 'vogue' and couture than I usually go for my normal walk around our downtown, but hey -- if this is the way you like to wrap, I say go for it.

I prefer a more casual look;
{ minus the bull nose ring }

I used to believe that this was too 'hollywood glamour' looking, but I actually used this scarf technique when a friend and I were driving on the freeway in a Jeep topless (meaning, no roof.. I was fully clothed!) and it kept my hair in tip-top shape!
{Im lovin this outfit combo -- especially the skirt}

Pretty much, a scarf can be used for those quick morning do's, or those bad hair days, or even for a new way to spice up a button
up sweater!

On my journey to get these looks, I took a little day trip to my town's local thrift stores and bought a few!
(Cost me only a total of.......*drumroll please* $3.50)
{Two are courtesy of Curio}

I decided to wear the one on the left today!
{ Oscar De La Renta; 100% silk }

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