Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Clothes

So today I woke up and walked downstairs to see no presents under the tree this year.
We are awaiting my sisters arrival on Tuesday until we do anything -- I am dying in anticipation to see if my family likes what I got them.

So although we did not open presents today -- I did open up my sewing box!

My grandma and I hung out as she showed me how to do a quick hand stitch hem.

Unflattery at its finest!
{super low quality picture taken on my old computer a few months ago}

Well 4 inches later and I am absolutely loving the result!
Skirt - Vintage {homemade I think} Black shoulder top - F21

Key Necklace - Nordstrom BP Owl Necklace - Wet Seal
Omega Gold Chain & Gold Bangles- some jewelry store {Austin, Texas}
Shoes - Rainbow Shops {Pennsylvania}


I hope you all had a Merry Merry Christmahanakwanzika

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