Friday, December 16, 2011

The weather outside is frightful! {But your outfits don't need to be}

A friend of mine who is studying at University of Idaho sent me little packaged complaints on how cold she was -- considering we are both California girls, we are not used to such frigid temperatures. I thought I would share how to stylishly pack on the bulky sweaters and not look like a pile of lumpy blankets!

I love the idea of belting some of the clothes together!
It's like "Oh, thats where my figure went!"
{My favorite part about this is 1. you can totally find a sweater like this at your local thrift store for 6 dollars and the fact that whoever this girl is, is using 2 scarves! Double the neck heat? Count me in!}

This may not look warm, but it could definitely withstand some Santa Ana Winds and around 50 degree's.

{Whenever I feel like wearing a sweater dress, or a normal dress in the winter, I always layer my leggings/tights. It makes them more opaque and keeps your legs nice and toasty! I learned about this tip at The Glamouri ((aka my blog crush right now))}

Now the reason I put this picture of a dress is because I personally live in Los Angeles, where it is cold-ish but not freezing. I pull this trick all the time; Maxi Dresses. they are not just a summer staple, but are a sneaky way of staying warm on a night out on the town! perhaps a date ;) I always wear leggings underneath because no one can see them! (and they keep you warm.) Also with a thick mid-thigh length sweater you can call it a night and go outside without a shiver in sight.
(Its almost Christmas time--excuse my need to rhyme every now and then.)
So today in Cali it was a brisk 65 degree's so I opted for a dress/sweater combo!

{Sweater Dress: H&M Clearance Rack, Leather Clutch, Shoes, and Belt: Thrifted, Jacket: My moms (I think from Nordstrom)}
I also layered my tights (aka: two pairs of brown tights) so my legs were nice and toasty!

PS: Sorry for low photo quality -- Its from my macbook photobooth because my camera was dead and no one was around to take a picture of me!


  1. Found the boots for 2 dollars at a local thrift store, I have had them for almost 2 years now and I just got them resoled because they are real leather and I did not want to part ways with them yet!


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