Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve Vintage

So today I finally got use of one of my Goodwill find

s of last year. It is this old 'victorian-age' looking blouse, I fell in love with it but could never quite figure out how to wear it!

Problemo Solved!

Vintage Blouse - thrifted Vintage Aqua Skirt - thrifted (hemmed shorter and waist brought in)
Belt - also thrifted and used here as well.

As excited as I was that I finally found use of my blouse, and that I got to wear my newly hemmed skirt, today I am more thrilled about my accessories!

Earrings - Antique Shop (the aqua blue matched my skirt perfectly!) Wedges - Love Culture
Head Piece - broken necklace (conveniently fit my cranium)

Merry Christmas Eve! Don't forget to leave cookies out for Santa!

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