Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Alterna {ties}

It was 50% off at Savers yesterday for Presidents Day where I live.
A few friends and I went in between classes to see 
what the glorious treasure trove had to offer us!

I came across this jacket and tie that I thought went marvelously together. 
Usually men don't want to mix patterns but lately in the fashion world its 'all the rage.' 

I would have saved this post for my Mens Wear Mondays, but I am going to move this post in a direction towards 'mah ladies.'

I love ties. Im just going to say that now, so seeing this tie yesterday inspired me to show some amazing projects I want to do with ties. 
(some of these images were found on pintrest and have no source)

What I found:

For the 'Hubby'
I found this to be the cutest idea ever. 
Could be used for:
1. Wedding day
2. Anniversary Gift
3. Valentines Day
4. Simple Surprise on one of his ties

 For the home:
What a cute wreath! Am I right?!
How to do:
(this is possibly wrong I'm just eying it)
1. Buy one of those green wreath shapes at a craft store, or a ring shaped PVC pipe
2. Cut ties 3/4 up
3. Superglue the tie where you bend it to the pipe or sew into green wreath shape
4. Continue until covered.

 For you:
I will definitely be making one of these. 
(guessing the making process)
1. Find ties
2. Sew all ends together
3. Get cardboard or some-other bendable sturdy-enough product
4. Sew a second level of fabric and place cardboard in between so it is sturdy. 

Maquillaje: Laura Sánchez
Modelo: Silvia Llanes
Asistente de Fotografía: Diego Urrea

I came across this picture above a few months ago, and I still want to make one!! 

Looks like I am going to be collecting a good amount of ties in these next few months!

I hope you all found these projects as fun and creative as I did!

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