Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Button Back

Remember that 50% off at Savers?
That is where I bought this shirt!
(entire outfit thrifted)

I absolutely love the buttons on the back! Brings so much character to the piece!
John Roberts Vintage ($1.50)

Paired with some (unironed due to college life)Rafaella Vintage Shorts ($4.00)

Simply whipping my hair back and forth. 

I felt very retro in this get up -- and rightly so considering its all vintage! To go with the theme of it I paired it with a nice cat eye

Hopefully I will be doing more outfit posts on a regular basis, it just depends on when Natalie and I are able to meet up!

ps: if you didn't see my earlier post today, I was contacted by Mary Kay to do some product reviews. So if you are curious about a certain product let me know and I will test it out!

Thanks for reading!

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