Friday, February 3, 2012

Circle Dot Dot

 So in todays outfit I am using the technique of 'dudette.'
(I just made that technique term up)

Dudette -verb- 
Wearing a man's shirt as a woman and making it into a feminine top!

I always love pulling a 'dudette' because guy shirts are always softer and have awesome patterns!

Shirt: Vintage Utopia Boys (100% Silk)
Skirt: (unfortunately not ironed) Forever 21
Necklace: St. Thomas (gift)

I have made it to the 'popular contestant' page!
Please vote here for my blog! (one vote per facebook)

My entry looks like this:

La Mirada


  1. Love the blue top with the blue skirt. The monotone look is perfection. You have a great blog! Now following with bloglovin :)

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