Friday, February 10, 2012

Business Babes

On one of my previous posts I got a comment asking for some looks
 for the regular business day. 

I personally only own one or two pencil skirts and usually wear them to interviews and other business situations. 

Refinery29 recently did an amazing article on how to spice things up in the office!
(why yes, Refinery29 is where the blog competition is where you can vote for me!)

I am going to share a few of their photo's 
and also include the link so you can read for yourself!

Here are 3 of the looks out of 8 that I found the most inspiring for a business setting. 

Similar Jacket: here and here
Similar Shoes: here and here

Similar purse: here

similar skirt: here

I really liked the pops of color!
For those working in the 9-5 that are realizing most of their wardrobe is blue, white and black my advice is to go out and buy a few bold colored business basics. 

Business Basic:
Classy Comfortable Heels
Pencil Skirt

Pencil Skirts, Blouses, and Shoes are always in thrift stores. 

There are always pencil skirts that are bright colors, patterned, and all different lengths!

A really good blog that always wears amazing business appropriate clothing is: 


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