Monday, February 6, 2012

{Men} The Simple V

Although I am a women's fashion blog I had been getting some requests to do 'Men's Wear'

So every first monday of the month will be style tips for the men in our life {or lack there of}

My first post is going to be pretty basic(no pun intended); I personally think guy's have it pretty easy!

Step 1: Purchase white, grey, black, dark green, blue etc. V-Necks (or crew) shirts
Step 2: Find a good pair of jeans.

There you go! You are set!

I am going to now look like a JCrew ad but I think that they show how to wear the basics well. 

{You can also go and buy Hanes, or they have packs of v-necks/crew in H&M for cheap}

Broken-in pocket tee: JCREW 2 for $35

Broken-in henley: JCREW $34.50

I love the way H&M styled this look:
Helllooo handsome!   (Sort of reminds me of Sawyer from Lost)
Denim Shirt: H&M $25

I love the way they have him wearing simple basics. Shirt, Denim button up, Jeans. 
Great place to buy affordable great quality graphic tee: Adamo Collection

Guys - Seriously I am jealous how easy it is for you guys to look so gosh darn good! 

Simple Tip: When in doubt (and when its not hot out) layer! 

Jeans: JCREW 

(For denim, find a cut that works for you and roll with it! Not everyone was meant for slim, bootcut, skinny, etc.)

Small Rant:
I am going to finish this off with saying, when it comes to men's wear you can easily look hunk-a-licious without spending more than a few dimes.
 Shopping at a goodwill for guys is like a candy shop! Not only are their well made jackets, but there are also suits! 
If you want to experiment with a new style I would say get a few pieces from your local thrift store to test drive it out. 
Whenever I go to one and look the men's section, they always have good quality t-shirt brands. 
If you are up for the hunt I say give it a go!

Next Month I will most likely talk about how to wear a more 'casual fancy' shirt.

Who are guys looking to for style inspiration lately?   Ryan Gosling

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