Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shimmering Shoe Showdown

Shirt/Dress: Orig. Moda International; Bought at Curio (Size XXL) 
Remember my thrift tip: Don't be afraid to try on random sizes

Todays Feature: Shoe Showdown!

I decided to show you all how you can dress up/dress down a outfit just by a simple shoe change.


Boots:  Ross        Wedges: Kohls; Candies

Red Arrow Belt: Thrifted (.50)

Arrow-Head Earrings: Forever 21
There are actually both earrings in this one ear! 
Since my hair was all to one side 
I decided to only wear a stud on that side and double up the arrowheads!

Tights: Forever 21
I loved the way the tights glistened in this photo!

I absolutely adored wearing these tights! 
They were funky and out of my usual comfort zone! 
Consider that comfort zone broken;  2012 is all about dressing to please myself 
and to have fun with patterns and color!
(anyone willing to take this carefree clothing challenge with me?)



  1. Absolutely love the tights with the black wedges!

  2. Those tights are the cutest ever.

  3. love the idea of showing an outfit with different styles! You look great!
    Good luck with R29 contest!
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