Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pumped Purple

It was a wee bit colder so I chose to wear pants today -- purple pants that is!

I found this knitted sweater in my dorm's 'free' pile.
(there is a pile where girls throw things they don't want anymore so it's basically my paradise)

Knitted Top - The Tog Shop (from dorm pile)
Purple Pants - H&M
Necklace - Curio

So I got these killer (no pun intended) shoes from Kohls the other day. 
Orig. $35 --- with Kohls Cash I payed $5
Unfortunately after around 2 hours, they were killing the back of my ankle's 
and my poor pinky toes. 

Hopefully that was just the pain of wearing it in 
and in time they will be more friendly to my feet.  

Another look at the shoes -- that I love the look of but are the pain in the ankle!

Lastly, I entered a contest for blogs and it is here

Just scroll down and find my name 'Kayla' 
and the picture of me in the blue dress from my new years post and press the heart button.
 Its super simple to vote and I would love the support! 

Please share with friends and family -- it would be a great opportunity and I would be so grateful!


  1. dang, i wish when i was in college there was a "dorm pile". How fun! That sweater looks great on you. And I hope you can break in those shoes. They are super cute! Voted for you in R29. <3


    1. Thanks so much!!

      The pile is so awesome! I got a cute pink romper too!!

  2. You have an awesome style!
    Do visit my blog and follow if you like it!

    p.s - I have a giveaway coming soon.. check it out!


  3. Love your style. And those pants...amazing.
    xx, M

  4. those pants are great!


  5. You have great style. I'm following your blog now!


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