Thursday, January 19, 2012

Knitted Rain Drops

 Today sun was nonexistent but there was an abundance of rain and chill. 

I thankfully got a quick pic before the rain came down!

Hat: Vintage Betmar - found at Curio
Sweater: Liz Claiborne (given a second chance from my mothers closet)
Shoes: Pink Duchess 

I love this sweater, its my 'go-to' grab in the winter.
 I pair it with tights, jeans, and various hats (of course.. only one hat at a time).
 It is very versatile and I am glad I snagged it before it got sent to Goodwill.
  (where I would have ended up buying it)

Out of the box option: I actually got really hot in this sweater once (not today, today my body is like ice) 
and ended up taking my arms out of the sleeves 
and strategically tying it in the back so it was a strapless knit top. 


  1. Hello Miss Kayla! I have to wear work clothes everyday and I am drowning in a sea of black, grey and navy blue! How about some posts for those of us in an 8-5. :)

    1. I will do one this week! Thanks for the suggestion!


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