Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Search

Hey everyone!
I made this video to share all of my thrift store finds from the last few days!

I now realize how often I use the word 'chunky' to describe my items.
No need to worry I am learning new adjectives.

(I have also been a wee bit under the weather so excuse the occasional sniffle)

Today I am packing up to head back to school 
and I am questioning my sanity due to the amount of clothes I am coming back with. 

Considering half of my wardrobe is still at school -- 
I am not sure where all of this is going to go.

Finds that didn't make it:
When I was at the thrift store, there were a few items I did not fit in that I wish I had.

An awesome color blocked Kasper Jacket -- It was rad. Only $3 ( Med/Large)

This Nordstrom 'Rubbish' brand blazer. Only $3! (medium)

 These adorable Rocketdog heels! They were only $5! (size 6)


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