Friday, January 20, 2012

Lovers In Spain

Check out this new music video from Riley and the Roxies 'Lovers in Spain.'
I got to be one of the Lovers in Spain girls! *pew pew*

This was by far one of the best days in my first semester at Biola!
We woke up at 5am so we could get shots at Newport Beach with no one there; 
it was absolutely freezing in my skirt!

 My roommate Maddie also got to come with me and 
we always dabble into each other's wardrobes!
In this video she is wearing my skirt and shoes, and I am wearing her shirt and heels!

I got this skirt for 3 dollars at Savers a day before the video! I was so pleased with how it looked on camera and I cannot wait to wear it on a sunny LA day this year.

This shot makes me feel like we are Charlie's Angeles. 
We dubbed ourselves 'The Lovers in Spain Girls'

I had so much fun participating and putting outfits together for this video! 
Such an amazing way to spend a morning with some great people!

Check out Riley & The Roxies on Youtube, Itunes, or Spotify!


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  1. love the vintage feel of these shots!


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