Saturday, January 7, 2012

In lieu of being at the beach...

I am going to share a music video.. that takes place at the beach. 
(not hawaii..)

I have yet to take pictures in Hawaii, but I plan on doing a few at least. It would be rude to hoard these beautiful sceneries to myself. 

This MV was shot at the same beach that they shot some scenes in Inception at.
  (pretty cool huh?)

Quick Facts:
-Videographer - Evan Schneider (aka: BeachGirl Records)
-I AM IN IT!! 

This video is the first of 3 music videos that I have done with R & TR and they are a blast to be in and the music is amazing to listen to!! 

So here it is!

The theme was funky playful relationship scenarios - It was amazing and the water was.. well cold. 

Some Screenshots:
Dress: Vintage/Thrifted
Velvet Vest: Vintage/ Thrifted

Red Jumper: Forever 21 (borrowed)

Fun fact: This blue brief case is featured in all three music videos I have been a part of!

One Piece Monokini - Target

Some other cool things about outfits in this video!
- The white dress is a vintage find (the girl wearing it, found it and had to fight a woman for it!)
Total steal! (pun intended)

-My purse in the beginning is actually a old bowling ball bag that I thrifted and decided to use as a purse since my bowling skills are below par.

-The yellow purse used in this video is a Vintage Chanel bag

Random stuff: (aka me just talking some more)
- I did not know I was going to be pushed into the water
- The dancing scenes started out me just having fun while other people were being shot
- Everyone that participated in this video are amazing people!
- All the people that were a part of this video were not dating!
-The theme and the song were originally not this! 

All in all, check out the band, they are awesome :)
Have a wonderful Saturday!
Aloha Lovelies

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  1. I never noticed the bowling ball bag! thanks for pointing it out. awesome!


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