Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Going Banana's

So, as many of my friends and family know, I have food allergies. 
No dairy
No soy
and definitely 

So while here in beautiful Hawaii all I wanted was some cold ice cream. 

Usually at home I eat So delicious™ Coconut Milk Ice cream
(it is soooo delicious)

But their wasn't any on the island so I decided to improvise. 

Banana Ice Cream! 
(can I call it that considering there is not cream it?)

Step 1: Obtain Banana

Step 2: Freeze Banana
Step 3: Peel/ Chop up Banana after running under hot water
Step 4: Put chopped up banana in blender/food processor 

 Step 5: Continue to blend until smooth
(I added a tsp of water to speed up the process)

 Step 6: Transfer to cup or bowl

Step 7: (optional) I mixed in some peanut butter.
(but I would love to try Nutella, or chocolate chips, or other mix ins)

Step 8: Throw the cup/bowl back in the freezer for ~2 hours

AND EAT! It is delicious! 
It has the same consistency as ice cream but is more healthy. 

Im excited to experiment some more with this and mix ins.

Hope you are all are having a lovely week. 
I am loving Hawaii but 
 I am excited to get home and take some more fashion pictures. 

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  1. Darling Kayla,
    Your blog is addictive and I fear I am hooked! Love, Wally & Jake's mother


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