Sunday, January 15, 2012

Purple Sequins

One of my mother's friends who is a hairdresser with Aveda sent me a little package that was a suprise when I came home from Hawaii. 
It was a sequin top that was a cowl/scoopneck. 

I personally have never bought sequin shirts because I have never found one I like. 
I have always loved all the magazine pictures that involved sequin-ey tops so I thought I would give it a go!

Before I altered:

So instead of keeping it that way because I felt like it wasn't the 'look' I was going for, I actually flipped the shirt around (so the tag is now in the front.)

I liked this way more because it allowed to me to accessorize with some chunky jewelry.
 I paired the top with some high waisted H&M purple pants.

The colored pants were a first for me too! Phew. 
Two new things in one day -- Im beat. 

I loved the outcome of the purple pants with this fun top, I paired it with a black blazer when I went outside because it is awfully chilly out today. 
(main reason why my photos are not outside... I was too cold)

This gave me a very 'rocker' girl vibe for some reason unexplainable. 

(Extreme close up so you can see all the little tiny sequins upon my top, and the lovely darts upon my pants)

Tomorrow is supposed to be even more cold, and with chances of rain so I will most likely be bundled up the next time you see pictures of my 'daily do.'

But I will be a big girl and take my pictures outside! -brrrrrr-

Top - Unknown store location, but the tag says Shameless
High Waisted Pants - H&M (they were only 11!)
Chunky Necklace - From a friend (I think from Nordstroms)

Aveda Salon:

Catherine Myers
Total Concern 2, an Aveda Concept Salon

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