Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Fashionista Lounge

So sorry for the lack of posting, with moving back into my dorm I have been swamped.
I also got food poisoning so I have not been getting ready in the morning.

So I lived in a dorm of 3 girls and one is no longer living with us. So with all the 3 person furniture my roommate Maddie and I have rearranged our room.

We both love fashion. 

The Closets:
Mine! :)


Skirt, Dress and Shoe Combo Closet
(both our clothes combined for a closet of divine outfit possibilities)

(I will be doing a DIY post on how to make this necklace holder)

(Will be doing a DIY on this refurbished door)

Some Extra Decor:

Hats with Bows

Old Vintage Hats 

(Will be doing a DIY post on these)

We will greatly miss our roommate Jaz, 
but we are welcoming our new storage space with open arms.

First day of the semester tomorrow! Can't wait to share my outfit with you all.
Any other suggestions on room decor? Leave it in the comments!



  1. so many shoes!!!!!

    1. I know!! We also have 1 drawer filled with flats/sneakers!

      We like to call it a 'collection' rather than a obsession.


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