Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Blazin Day

Today was just a day of running errands (sunscreen, new bathing suit, a few books, homework.. okay magazines but I count those as research) before my trip to the Hawaii Islands!

 I basically threw on a blazer, some ankle boots and a scarf and called it a day.
(I was running on a tight schedule, so many things to prepare for!) 

I decided to not post my face today.. I was feeling weird (I swear I'm not obsessed with myself) about my face being on every post. SO this post is purely my quick put together of an outfit. 

Scarf: Gift (from H&M)

Shoes: Found at Curio

Blazer: Orig. Nordstrom - Thrifted
Jeans: Forever 21

The reason I love blazers is because they automatically make a outfit look more 'put together' and sophisticated. 

I say, when in doubt (or when wearing a graphic tee or something that maybe doesn't flatter your curves so nicely THROW A BLAZER ON THAT!

Honestly - Its the best trick to a quick put together outfit. 

On a side note - I have yet to decide if I will be blogging via the islands, but we shall see. 

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