Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dainty Day

For dinner I decided to get all dressed up. 
I really enjoy getting ready and looking put together so I had a blast doing my hair and make-up.

But my favorite part was of course, my outfit. 

(why yes, this was taken in the bathroom at my hotel)

I have been trying to slowly bring more color and pastel-ish tones into my wardrobe.

(also, everything I will be posting this week besides the bathing suits, was thrifted)

Shirt - a vintage find at Curio, it was free because I had store credit
Skirt - $1.50 Xhileration (from the kids section) but I found it at Goodwill with the tags still on it

So all in all excluding my shoes (which were from target and bought two seasons ago) this outfit cost me $1.50


We went to a fabulous restaurant called Assiago's and I had the most delicious fish dish ever!

It was Fish Alla Piccata; the fish was Opah, also known as moonfish. 

Day 1 in Hawaii - No sunburn!

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