Friday, January 6, 2012

Early Bird

Up early this morning to catch my flight!

Thought I would share what my suitcase will look like to the flight attendant's when they do their routine baggage check..

I hope they scan this suitcase and think: Well there is a fashionista.
I have my floppy hat in the right hand lower corner all curled up, some Gluten-free beach snacks in a zippy, and some books & magazines, nicely covering all my clothing garments.

If you know me, you know I am allergic to all things delicious.
 No gluten, dairy, or soy! 
le gasp.

So I packed my favorite dessert like treats, Lara Bars and some assorted nuts for my beach side sweet tooth. 

My literature this week will be:
Elle x2
The Bell Jar
Looking for Alaska
The Hunger Games: Book 2

I almost bought the new Vogue magazine, but it was 13 dollars and I just couldn't justify it. I will read its pages some other way. 
(unsure yet but it will happen!)

I always try and get dressed now when I go on airplanes, or travel in general. You never know you are going to meet. I met a director of a mens fashion line on my way to Texas over Thanksgiving break. We exchanged information and it was fantastic. 

So although this outfit is nothing extravagant. Its bright colors welcome in the Hawaiian tropics!

Packing Tips:
1. Sort your outfits before putting in your suitcase
2. Try and make outfits out of multiple items to reduce your amount of clothing
3.Always pack extra underwear! (and a bathing suit.. i mean come on it takes up .0001% space.)
4. Roll, don't fold it saves space!
5. Always bring a 'fancy' outfit (you never know when it will come in handy.)
6. Pack your make-up with your carry-on's (just in case your baggage gets lost.)
7. Spritz some perfume on a napkin/tissue and put a few in your suitcase(It will make all of your things smell all fresh and you-like.)



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