Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Shopping Tips & Tricks

When going shopping, at either the mall or thrifting I like to follow some 'guidelines.'

These are my shopping must-have carry alongs:

1. Wear (or bring) a waist belt (especially if you are going thrifting)

This helps if you are trying on dresses that are a little big, or if the dress is recommended to have a waist belt. 
2. Wear (or bring) a black or tan cami
This comes in handy when you are in the dressing room trying on sheer, low cut, or crop-top like clothing.
3. Bring Snacks!
The worst thing about shopping is you either get a headache from lack of nutrition, or you end up spending more money on food than you did on clothes!
4. Bring a list! 
Make a list of things you NEED, and a list of PLACES you need to go. 
 I like to sometimes print out pictures of the exact products I am looking for so I don't get distracted. 

Some other tips:
1. Make sure to not get extremely dolled up. Get ready like you would any other day. Of coarse everything will look better if your hair is curled and your make-up is done to extremes. 
2. Wear somewhat comfortable shoes
3. Save your receipts
4. If you are on a budget go and get the amount of cash your budget allows and leave your credit card behind. 

Happy Shopping!
(I'm off to the mall!)

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