Monday, January 9, 2012

All Aboard!!

I channeled my inner 1940's fashionista for our trip to the Pearl Harbor Memorial. 

1940's Beach Wear:

My Modern Twist:

I fell in love with the shirt when I tried it on at the store without a cami.
I think it accentuates the waist nicely and I absolutely adore the sleeves and buttons. 
The sleeves sort of wing out by the wrists and  makes arm movement so fun!

I put a black camisole under neath because we were going out in public.. and I did not want to offend old veterans and other civilians. 

Shirt: Carole Little Vintage @  Goodwill $1.50 (it was on sale 50%)
Shorts: Calvin Klein $3.00 @ Local Thrift Store (similar look can be found here)

Pictures from the tour:
(these pictures would have looked better if I had the artsy ability of insta.gram - darn android)
Since I didn't want to spend hours in Photoshop, I wore out the sepia button out..

Meet Herb Weatherwax,  WWII and Pearl Harbor Survivor.
Cutest fella on the whole Island!

"All Aboard The U.S.S Bowfin!"
for $7.50

Darn hair-tie ruins the picture.. 

A old poster of 'the perfect women' that the old crew had all signed.

Till Tomorrow, Aloha!

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