Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Features

Hey everyone!

So today I woke up with a horrible headache and a bad case of the shivers. So I decided that instead of putting an outfit together and taking pictures of my sickly self to share, I would organize my thoughts for what is to come with 'Moda √Član.'

Some ideas:

Men's Wear Monday
The first Monday of every month will be a collection of men's wear that I have found online or have come across 
(aka I would take pictures of the fashion forward fellas that parade my school.)

Do- It- Yourself
I'm still unsure how I will accomplish do-it-yourself projects in my dorm room,
but I love to do crafts and have been thinking of trying to
 share recipes, make-up tutorials, and other little projects. 

I think there is more to fashion than just the outfit; it is a package deal. 

Pull the outfit together with hair, make-up and a healthy body :)
That is what I plan to show in my DIY posts to come.

Inspiration Days
Days where I might not post an outfit, but rather some looks that have inspired me. 
Either from websites, runways, magazines, or even scenery. 

Possibly an uplifting quote here and there

This was inspiring to me:
 the colors and patterns and all the different textures 
coming together to create a beautiful piece. 

Let me know what you think of these ideas in the comment section below

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